There's something that can always be expected of me. And that something is... every time I visit a webpage that centers around or involves nostalgia from the years I grew up (that would be the 90's. I was too young to remember the second half of the 80's), I always wind up downloading an old TV season or two.

Last time it was Jem and the Holograms. Before that, it was Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and before that it was Dragonball Z. And I cannot count the number of times I've tried to get all the Sailor Moon episodes, but given up due to sheer frustration at the download time.

Well, this time the website was (recced by Brittany Gibbons @ Barefoot Foodie), and the series is Boy Meets World. Because I was silly enough to youtube Corey and Topanga. And now I must watch everything again.

Ahh, TGIF. How I miss you. I had such a set schedule Friday nights. TGIF from eight until ten, playing Super Mario World on the SNES from ten until midnight (if I could stay up), then watch Sailor Moon on YTV.

Why Sailor Moon was on at midnight, I'll never understand.
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