Date: 2010-12-06 06:21 am (UTC)
comeroundsoon: (be your own hero)
For me, the cure to writers block isn't prompts. It's to stop being self-absorbed. I find that spending just two hours focused on someone/something else (often my cat)will break the silence and the frustration that mounts against it. And I've learned to recognize when I'm no good to anyone and go lock myself up with a paint brush and cheap canvas. Harm reduction... that's my approach.

It's cool you managed to write something though. For a long time I tried to make sure I completed at least 3 hours/week purely writing. That doesn't include writing related activities... just typing. And I did really well at it for a while. These days though, I feel under prepared. I have a writing journal, there's a link on my main page. But for the most part I'm currently prepping for my second (and hopefully better...) novel and trying to complete two short stories. I'm not trying very hard though, if I was this comment would be about 98% shorter, I assure you.
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